Advocating for sensible public policy reform

ClearView is passionate about the advice industry in which we operate and has consistently engaged key policy makers for sensible customer-centric reforms.  While ClearView has strong views on a number of issues that affect our stakeholders, the most current are:


Since inception, ClearView has advocated for life insurance in super to be optional for all workers. Such a move would go some way towards encouraging members to properly assess their insurance needs and regularly review their arrangements rather than adopting a ‘set and forget’ approach.

It would also lead to greater competition in retail life, fairer comparisons of value and more people seeking professional advice to ensure they’re adequately covered.

We are pleased that our advocacy efforts contributed to positive changes to group life insurance introduced in the Treasury Laws Amendment (Protecting Your Superannuation Package) Bill 2018, relating to super fund members under age 25.

This is a good start but ClearView believes this measure should extend to all workers. We will continue to lobby for an end to the current opt-out system for life insurance because too many Australians assume they are adequately protected when they may only have a fraction of the cover they need.

Open APLs

Another long-held view is on the topic of open APLs. ClearView has continually petitioned the Government for mandated open life insurance APLs for all AFS licensees believing that advisers have the skill and judgement required to recommend the most appropriate solutions for clients.

We believe open APLs are critical if the industry is to better manage the conflicts inherent in the vertically-integrated model, remove the product-flogging stigma and gain the trust of consumers.

With consumer trust eroded even further as a result the Royal Commission, we will continue to fight for the delivery of greater product choice and accessibility for advisers.  Alongside this, we will continue to abstain from paying millions in shelf-space fees.

We’re interested to hear what you think about these issues too.  Your views can help inform our lobbying efforts. Together we have a voice.

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